Prague, Czech Republic

I almost missed to write my trip to Prague in April 2009. I traveled with my other two friends. We bought the ticket together while we were having group conversation in yahoo messenger. One of my friend found that the flight ticket to Prague was only cost 399 NOK (around IDR 670 000) one way. So, we bought the ticket online through Norwegian website at the same time and unlucky, there was only 1 ticket which cost 399 NOK was left:-( I and my other friend had to pay 499 NOK (it’s still cheaper though:-) )

We rent an apartment near the city center and it cost 165 EUR for 3 people per 3 nights. From the airport, we took bus nr. 119 to the Dejvicka station and continued with Metro line A to the Apartment.

As soon as we arrived at the apartment, we put our entire luggage in the apartment and went straight to the city center. We walked to Charles Bridge, visit Prague castle and finished our first day trip at Josefov (Jewish quarter).

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge

Sculpture at Chales Bridge

Sculpture at Charles Bridge

In the second day, we took a walk to old town square, new town and Petrin Hill. In the old town we went to see the famous Astronomical clock.

Astronomical clock

me and friends

Market in the old town square

Metro Stop

Elevator to the Metro

In the new town, we walked to Wenceslar square and continued to National museum which is located at the top of the square.

Wenceslar square (view from National Museum)

Wenceslar square (view from National Museum)

National Museum

National Museum

Train Station

Train Station

Wenceslar square (view from National Museum)

Wenceslar square (view from National Museum)

From new town, we continued to Pretin hill by taking metro. In Pretin hill, there is a smaller version of Eiffel tower which is called Petřínská rozhledna.

Mini Eiffel Tower

Mini Eiffel Tower

We finished the day by walking back to Charles Bridge and taking picture of Charles Bridge and Prague castle at night.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

The Castle view at night

Prague Castle view at night

In the last day, we met a friend that I know from facebook. He was living in Prague and before I went to Prague, I contacted him. So, he visited us and we made a trip together to Vyšehrad. Vyšehrad complex covers a large area including churches and parks.


The Cemetery

Then, we continued the trip to University of Prague. We went back to the city center and walked to the old town square to take some pictures and do so some shopping before went back to our apartment.

at University of Prague

The next day we went back to Norway.

Prague is a beautiful city. I’d love to visit the city again and I will bring my son to explore the city together 🙂


  1. nyonyasepatu · March 25, 2013

    Mbaaaaa, ini negara yg pengen bgt aku datangi huhu

    • almondnuts · March 25, 2013

      Coba cari2 tiket promo 🙂 Ini juga jalan2 kesini karena lagi ada tiket pesawat murah 🙂

      • nyonyasepatu · March 25, 2013

        Tiket kebeli, biaya hidup gak sanggup haha

      • almondnuts · March 25, 2013

        Tapi akomodasi dan restoran di Prague jauh lebih murah dibandingin Paris (apalagi Norway :-p).

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