Helsinki, Finland

In May 2010, I visited Helsinki with my friends. We bought the flight ticket Oslo – Helsinki  – Oslo. I bought a train ticket from Trondheim to Oslo together with my friends. The train left at 0825  in the morning and it took around 6.5 hours from Trondheim to Oslo. However, I did a stupid things. When we got into the train, my friends talk about passport and hell yeah, I suddenly remembered that I did not bring my passport. The flight to Helsinki departed at 4 in the afternoon. I had to get out of the train and took a taxi back home while calling my other friend to find a flight ticket to Oslo. My friend found a ticket at 11 am for me and I arrived before 12 in Oslo. The planned was to travel cheaper but then I ended up spending extra cost due to my carelessness.

We arrived late in the afternoon. We booked Eurohostel and it cost 170 euro for 3 beds and 3 nights. We stayed at the same room but the bathroom shared with the other hostel guests. The next day, we visited Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna is a historical fortress and listed in the UNESCO world heritage. The fortress was built during Swedish rule in the 18th century and is on an island. We took ferry to Suomenlinna. The ferry left from Market Square and it took 15 minutes to go to Suomenlinna.

We spent about 3 hours on the island. We used all the time to explore the island and taking pictures. There are museums, galleries, restaurants, café, parks, beaches, and nature areas. We brought our own lunch and ate it while sitting in the park.

We took ferry back to the Market Square and continued to Linnamaki amusement park. We just wandered around inside the park. The park has an old wooden roller coaster (around 50 years old). The amusement park was founded in 1950 by Children’s foundation to raise the money for the children in Finland which was orphaned by World War II.

From the amusement park, we walked to Helsinki Olympic stadium. We paid 5 EUR each to go to the top of the tower.

From the Olympic stadium, we walked to Sibelius Park. There is two pieces of monument to Jean Sibelius, a most famous classical composer from Finland. The first piece is a sculpture of Sibelius’s face and the other is a collections of different sized piped.

The trip continued to Lutheran Cathedral. We took tram from the Market Square and took some pictures and resting there.

Alexander II and the Lutheran Cathedral

Alexander II and The Lutheran Cathedral

the Lutheran Cathedral

The Lutheran Cathedral

We finished the day by taking a walk to the harbour near Uspenski Cathedral.

Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral

The next day we visited Temppleiaukio Church, but it was closed.The church is low and surrounded by boulders of brown, red, pink and gray colors. Then, we decided to wander around the market square until afternoon before heading back to our hostel.

We left the city early in the morning in the next day and heading back to Norway 🙂


  1. nyonyasepatu · March 27, 2013

    Untung lupanya gak pas di depan imigrasi hehe atau pas di counter ticket n waktu udh mepet

    • almondnuts · March 27, 2013

      Iya, masih ada untungnya. Teman gw aja yang jadi melongo, soalnya kan mesan hostelnya bertiga (2 cewe dan 1 cowo) dan ga lucu kalo cuma tinggal mereka ber2 di kamar…;-))

  2. Sartenada · March 27, 2013

    Wonderful photo report from Helsinki.

  3. mugenblog · March 29, 2013

    I enjoy following your blog… Keep posting…

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