Why I live in Norway

I never imagined before that I will ever step my feet in Norway.

I came from an oil province in Sumatera. After finished high school I moved to Bandung, West Java to continue my study there. I studied International Relationship in Padjajaran University during my first year in Bandung. In the second year, my father told me to re-take the university entrance exam and convinced me to choose Petroleum Engineering. So, I re- took the exam (UMPTN) and I got accepted in Petroleum Engineering Department in ITB. Then I quit study International Relationship and spent another four years studying Petroleum Engineering.

While I was living in Bandung, besides studying, I also joined taekwondo club in Padjajaran University and trained there for 5 years during living in Bandung. I spent my time with study, taekwondo and hiking during the weekend with my friends. I like sports and traveling.

After finished with my study, I got a job in an oil company in Jakarta. So then I moved to Jakarta. I got married a year later and giving birth a year after that. While I was working in Jakarta, I was also active in sport activities such as badminton, bowling, basketball and sometimes diving in a golf ranch in Senayan. A year after giving birth, I got *a long story* which meant that I had to start everything on my own. I moved to a house in Bintaro where I rented from my cousin Kiky. Every day I had to leave home at 05:30 in the morning and arrived home at around 18:00 (which was the earliest one I can reach).

After a year living as a single mother in Jakarta, I started to think to take master degree to improve my life. I started searching for some scholarship outside Indonesia. One day, my friend in the office (which was also my junior in University) heard about my plan and he mentioned about Norway. He said that many alumni from my previous university got scholarship in Norway.

It was December 2006 and I was almost late to submit the application. I had to fill in my TOEFL/IELTS score which I did not have. I tried to find the TOEFL test but it was too late. I thought that I have to do it next year. During that time my family was also busy to prepare my brother wedding. One day when I and my parents were eating in a Sederhana restaurant in Bintaro, I met my friend Tantri and I told her about my plan. Suddenly she mentioned IELTS and told me to check it. I become optimistic again and tried to find out about IELTS test. I found out that the IELTS test location is located in front of my office. I went there and asking everything about the test and I managed to take the test there. I bought the book to prepare for the test and I had one week for preparation by myself. I finally can take the IELTS test and got my score before the application deadline. Finally I can filled-in the scholarship application with my IELTS score in the application.

In end of January 2007, I got an email confirmation that I got accepted to Reservoir Engineering study NTNU in Trondheim and got the scholarship too… Yay… 🙂


I started preparing all the required documents which must be translated by sworn translator and legalized. I was lucky that it was easy. I just needed to search for a sworn translator in Jakarta and send all the documents by fax. They did the entire job and delivered everything to my office by hand carried and I paid it after I got the document. I sent all the documents by Fed-Ex but got a little problem. I cannot track my package, which make me so nervous and afraid. I tried calling them and asking them about the package and I also sent the receipt information to the University administration to inform them that I’ve sent all my documents. Finally after 1 week and some calls, Fed-Ex informed me that they’ve already sent my package. They said that they had to use the local delivery company in Norway since they did not have office in Trondheim. Hmmph… got another obstacle but it solved 🙂

During the preparation to go to Norway, I was busy with emptying all my stuffs from the home that I rented from Kiky. I sent some of the stuffs home and sold some of it to my friends. I was so busy with work, moving out and everything that made did not think to check about Norway. The only corresponds I did was with my senior who was living studying in Norway. I did not prepare any special clothes or even checked about Norway. I had to order flight ticket and I did it through the travel services in my previous company. I had to change the car ownership to my dad since my dad paid the remaining car loan to the credit company. I had to send my son to my hometown to live with my parents while I was studying. It was sad but no pain no gain!

me and my son in the airport in Pekanbaru

me and my son in the airport in Pekanbaru

The day when I had to travel to Norway, my brother picked me up and sent me to Cengkareng. I brought more books than clothes (which I later found out that it was unnecessary to bring lots of books). When I arrived in Norway, I followed the instruction from the email that I got from the University. I showed the print out to the bus driver in the airport so that he can drop me to the nearest bus stop to the student village. I brought four bags with me and I still cannot imagine that I brought all of it at once:-D  In the bus in the city center, I showed the email (again) to the bus driver to inform him where I needed to stop and I got in the wrong bus (the bus has the same number but going to the other directions). I had to get out of the bus again with my four bags and suddenly one nice gentleman helped me bring my bags to the other bus 🙂

I studied here for two years, got a job during summer and then got a permanent job before finishing my study. Then I brought my son to live here in Norway and he is so happy living here. We have to do everything by ourselves but we get more free time and spending lots of time together.

That’s how I started living in Norway and I enjoy the scenery and especially travelling around Europe which is easier and cheaper from here. Let’s  see where my life paths will bring me in the future:-D


  1. nyonyasepatu · April 25, 2013

    mbaaa dari pekanbaru toh, deket kampung kita hehe

    • almondnuts · April 25, 2013

      Emang Noni dari mana?

      • nyonyasepatu · April 25, 2013

        kan dari medan hehe. Ayah banjarmasin , ibu betawi sunda tapi tinggal di medan

      • almondnuts · April 25, 2013

        oh kirain cuma tinggal di Medan, tapi berasal dari kota lain…hehehe:-)

      • nyonyasepatu · April 25, 2013

        Aku tinggal di sby 7 taon ini mba

  2. sikiky · April 25, 2013

    One of the strong woman I know
    The Rajawali people admire u so much…( rajawali = rumahnya sepupu om matius) hahahaha

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