New in Norway

After a long flight from Jakarta – Bangkok – Copenhagen – Trondheim on 8th of August 2007, I stepped my foot for the first time in Norway on 9th of August 2007.

I came to Trondheim, Norway to pursue Master Degree. Luckily I got scholarship under Quota Scheme to Study Petroleum Engineering.

I finished my Master Degree in June 2009 and continue living in Norway since then. I also brought my son to live with me since 2010. Here I am, living in Norway with my own son to get a better life.

I just would like to say:

Never give up your dream!!!

View of Nidarosdomen Cathedral across Marinen, Trondheim


  1. sikiky · March 14, 2013

    Ngga papalah kalo gitu gw ngayal keterima di Eni ya… Hahhaha
    Deketan ke trondheim :p

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