Weekend in Stockholm

In June 2012, one of my friend who live in Oslo asked me and my other three friends to spend the weekend in Stockholm since there was a cheap ticket to Stockholm (from Oslo). After some discussions, we decided to go there on Saturday morning and back to Oslo on Sunday afternoon. There was no direct flight from Trondheim to Oslo, so I bought the flight ticket for me and my son from Oslo to Stockholm since it was the cheapest option (499 NOK per person). Since the flight from Oslo was early in the morning, I took night train from Trondheim to Oslo (which was also cheaper than taking flight). One of my friends who live in Trondheim was also taking the same train to Oslo together with me. We arrived in Oslo at 0606 am in the morning and the flight to Stockholm was at 0740 am. It took 1 hour flight from Oslo to Stockholm.

When we arrived in Stockholm, we bought the bus ticket at the vending machine outside the arrival hall. The bus ticket in Stockholm is free for kids and I made mistake by buying a ticket for my son (but later on I got my money back on my bank account after filling-in the complaint form in the bus company office).

We took our lunch at the central station and eating some fast food there. We then took a walk from the central station to our hostel (Stockholm hostel) which cost 1200 NOK/night for 6 people. The check-in time was 3 pm in the afternoon which meant that we cannot check-in yet since we arrived earlier. After talking with the hostel front desk, they agreed to keep our luggage in their luggage room and we can check-in later that day.

It was rainy and we walked to one of the park in the city (but I forget the name of the park :-(). We then took walked to Stadshuset (city hall). Apparently, there were many weddings were held that day.




Then we took bus to the Royal Palace and walked around.






We decided to have dinner in one of Thailand restaurant in Gamla stan and bought some souvenirs there. We went back to the hostel around 9 pm and checked-in at Stockholm hostel. When we tried to check-in, the woman who sit in the front desk said that she cannot find our hostel booking. She told us that we had canceled our booking. My friend who booked the hostel checked on her booking in her profile in hotels website and she showed to that woman that she never canceled the booking. However, the computer system in the hostel showed that the website canceled our booking. It was terrible, late at night and no room left in the hostel. After some arguments with us, they decided to help us and find another hotel/hostel within our budget. Finally, they managed to find a hotel outside the city :-(. They helped us to book the hotel and a family taxi to bring us to our hotel (Hotel Dialog). Later on we found out that our hotel was next to Ikea (even though we’re not visiting Ikea) and the breakfast was also included.

It was heavy rain on sunday morning. After checking-out from our hotel, we visited the mall next to our hotel (something that we cannot do in Trondheim since all the stores are closed on sunday). We took train to the city center and put our luggage in the locker room in the central station. We then walked around the city center before leaving to the airport in the afternoon.

P1040128 P1040138 P1040141 P1040153

While waiting for my flight to Oslo, I found out that my flight was delayed for more than an hour which meant that I will miss my next flight to Trondheim 😦 I went to the airline customer services (Norwegian) and they said I had two options whether to stay for one night in Stockholm or  Oslo. I would rather staying for one night in Oslo since I can take early flight to Trondheim (I had to work the next day and my son also had to go to school). I and my other friend (who took the same flight with me) had to report to the arrival services once we arrived in Oslo. However, they did not book the next flight for us (we had to do it by ourselves) and they did not promise us whether we can get the earliest flight or not. And apparently, there were lots of people who missed their flight to the other city, including Trondheim (which meant we had to compete to get the seat in the first flight). We took shuttle bus from Gardemoen airport in Oslo at almost midnight and checked-in in the hotel near the airport (provided by the airline company). We decided to take the earliest shuttle bus back to the airport (to make sure that we can get the earliest flight) and got the first queue in front of the airline customer services:-). Finally we got the seat in the first flight and managed to arrive in Trondheim at 8 am in the morning. Hmmmmppphhh……. 🙂


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    Mbaaa bawa aku dlm tasmuuuuuu

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