Cabin Trip

It was easter vacation from Thursday until today. I went on a cabin trip with my son and my friends from thursday until sunday. The cabin is located in Gilså, Meråker in North Norway. We took the train from Trondheim to Meråker and taxi from Meråker train station to Gilså. The distance from the parking lot to the cabin is around 1.5 km and we had to go there on our skis. It was a tough trip since we had to ski while bringing all the materials for the food for 3 nights stay in the cabin in our backpacks. We went skiing four days in a row and it was fun. The weather was so good and it was only -1 deg C with lots of sun. I did not bring my camera but I took some pictures using my mobile phone.



  1. sikiky · April 2, 2013

    Minus 1 derajat only ya…? Gw dah bersin bersin deh :))

    • almondnuts · April 2, 2013

      Ramalannya sktr -6 sampe -8 deg C Ky. Lagian ada matahari, jadi berasa hangat:-)

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