Rome – Milan – Paris (Part 2)

I left Rome on 25th of December 2009 and continued my trip to Milan. I arrived at Malpensa airport a bit late in the afternoon. I took bus from Malpensa to the Central Station and it costs 10 EUR for single trip. The trip to central station took around 40 minutes. When I arrived at central station, I tried to find my hostel based on the information that I printed before travelling. However, since it was at night and I did not bring any maps with me, so I cannot find the hostels. After wandering around the street near the central station, I decided to take taxi. Since it was Christmas, no bus was operating and I had to queue for almost two hours to get my taxi and the trip to hostel was only a couple of minutes because the hostel was not far from the central station.

I booked a 4-bed female dorm at hostel Galla. When I arrived at the hostel, I found out that I had to sleep in a 3-bed dorm with a girl and a boy. The girl was already sleeping when I arrived but they boy was awake. He was from Turkey but studied in German. After talking with him, we decided to walk around the city together so that we can help each other to take our own pictures 🙂

The next day we took Metro to Duomo Cathedral and took some pictures there.



Cute snails

Cute snails next to Duomo



After taking pictures at Duomo, we decided to find something to eat. Based on information that I got from Things to do ,  it was recommended to go to Luini Panzerotto to eat calzone and it was located near Duomo. Me and my new friend tried to find it and after a long searched, we found the restaurant and unluckily it was closed 😦

Then we decided to eat at Burger King 🙂  After finished eating, we separated and went on our own way since he planned to visit bars and I planned to walk around the city. Then I went inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and tried to find the bulls’s ball which was told that it will bring luck 🙂 (Things to do)

Spin in the bull's ball

Spin in the bull’s ball

Just across Galleria Vittorio, there is an opera house (La Scala) and it was closed too :-(. I then decided to walk around the city.

Street in Milan

one of the street in the shopping area in Milan

I went to Castello Sforzesco, which is a place where the Sforza-Visconti ruling families of Milan resided (mr Wiki) and walked around it.

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

I did not go to San Siro Stadium since I was a bit tired. I went  back to my hostel and they told me to move to another room, there I shared the room with one girl from China which was also traveling by herself. I spent the rest of the day sleeping since I felt a little bit cold.

I left Milan the next day and had to take my flight from Milan Bergamo Airport and it was far away from the city center. I took train to Bergamo station (around 1 hour) and continued with shuttle bus to the airport (around 10 minutes). Then I continued my trip to Paris 🙂


  1. nyonyasepatu · March 21, 2013

    Mba yg pinky itu rasanya pengen tak makan haha

    • almondnuts · March 21, 2013

      Hahaha 😀 keongnya emang lucu dan ngegemesin:-)

      • nyonyasepatu · March 21, 2013

        Lucu n bikin laper ya warnanya. Berasa liat keong permen hihi

      • almondnuts · March 21, 2013

        Waduh, Noni konotasinya ke makanan mulu neh…hihihi 😉

      • nyonyasepatu · March 21, 2013

        Laperrrrr mba hihi

      • almondnuts · March 21, 2013

        Tidur Non, udah malem 🙂

      • nyonyasepatu · March 21, 2013

        Hampir mba, nite2 yaa

      • almondnuts · March 21, 2013

        Disini masih jam 5 sore.

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